Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kitchen Chair Project

This year we decided to host our first Christmas party with some friends!  We were excited but there was one problem.  Not enough seating.  Our table only sits 6 people and we had invited 10 for a sit down dinner.  I knew I could buy a card table from Target to extend our table but what do about chairs?  Lucky me, as I was driving home one day I saw that someone had set on the side of the street four kitchen dining chairs!  They did not look good and when I asked my husband to throw them in the truck he looked at me like I was crazy!  But he knows me and he went along with it.  I saw something that I liked about the chairs, the etching and cut out of the wood. It was really unique and pretty.  The chairs were painted a dirty orange-yellow-cream with some antiquing paint that looked as bad as it sounds.  The chair seats were covered with old fashioned floral prints from the 80's.  No bueno!!  But I had a vision.

 First thing we did was go to JoAnne's Fabrics and pick out new fabric for the chair seats.  We have a beautiful navy and tan rug in our kitchen area so we found a print that was a deep blue with very small white dots.  I liked the blue color but I also like that if the kids spill drinks or food on them it won't be too noticeable.

 Then we went to Lowe's and picked up white primer and spray paint to repaint all of the wood of the chairs.  I have to admit that my husband was the one who did most of the work from here on out.  I was busy cooking and cleaning and shopping for our party!  He did a great job!  He first painted all of the chairs with two coats, one primer and one paint.  He took the chair seats off, cut the fabric, and then stapled the new fabric over the old.  We figured it would give the seats a bit more cushioning.  My husband also did some reinforcing of a few of the chairs so they weren't so squeaky and lose.

They turned out amazing!  They look like something out of a designer furniture store but they cost us less than $50 for all four!   Oh and our party turned out great!!  We ended up with only 6 guests so we didn't need the chairs after all but we used them and put our older ones away.  This was one of my favorite projects so far!  What do YOU think?? :)


  1. Nice team work and what a beautiful finished project!

  2. You and your husband did a wonderful job on those chairs. I love your vision of seeing their potential rather than the way they were. A great spiritual analogy of how God sees each of us.


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