Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Final photo challenge: Week 4

Day 21: Nightime

Day 22: Where you sleep

Day 23: Clothes (my husbands :) )

Day 24: Inside your closet:  Check out all the Christmas gifts hiding up out of the kids reach!

Day 25: Gratitude: So thankful for what the Nativity represents.

Day 26: Artwork

Day 27: Transportation

Day 28: Daily Routine: Dishes, blah

Day 29: Light

Day 30: Self Portrait : Maybe the worst one ever but oh well :)

This month's photo challenge was fun!  Hope you enjoyed it too :)

Stay tuned because tomorrow begins our 25 Days of GIVING!!!!  So excited!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 3!

Day 14:Movement, I couldn't come up with anything.  So this is Day 15: Technology.  Our big screen. I love it :)

Day 16: Animals.  This is our dog Lucky.  He is about 8 years old and is the best dog.  Such a sweetie!!

Day 17: Memories.  On our refrigerator I have these pictures of my husband and I from when we  were engaged.  It reminds me of why I love him and how great he is :)

Day 18: Something new.  I picked up this scarf (and matching mittens) at Target a few days ago.  I love it!  I have really gotten into scarves this year!

Day 19: Best friend.  This little girl is my constant companion, my shadow if you will.  She follows me everywhere I go and  is one of my best friends!

Day 20: Holidays.  This week is Thanksgiving and I got this great centerpiece from my MOPS fundraiser.  The pic doesn't do it justice, it's beautiful!!

Hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  We have so much to be thankful for every day!  God is so good!!!  Count your blessings this week!  <3 <3 <3

Thursday, November 17, 2011


So I have definitely realized something lately that I think has been on the brink for a while now.  I can not do everything.  Let me say it again.  I can not do everything.

Home school,
Bible Study,
Working out daily,
Perfectly clean house,
A cute blog,
Homemade Christmas gifts,
Potty train my toddler,
Prepare and plan thanksgiving dinner,
Get holiday pictures done,
Support my husband,
Transfer all of my parents pictures into new albums,
Watch my dvr'd shows,
Eat and prepare healthy meals for my family,
Feed the pets,
and look peaceful doing all of it.

This is literally my to-do list every week the past few weeks.  It's no wonder I have been feeling overwhelmed.  Yet the majority of these things need to...have to get done!  I need God's strength, his help to get through it all.  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  This verse is often quoted but the reason it was penned by Paul is not.  He wasn't talking about climbing mountains or running marathons.  He was talking about contentment in every circumstance that he found himself in.  He was saying that he can do all things (with contentment) through Christ strengthening him.  What does it mean to be content?  Can I be content, even with a to-do list a mile long?  Yes, I can.  Contentedness is being satisfied with what you have, where you are, and what you are doing.  If none of these things get this done this week I can be content because I have the one thing that truly matters, my faith in Jesus.  He will help me get what needs to be done, done.  I just need to rely on him, the author and perfector of my faith.  I think that is an even better realization than my first one!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 2!

Day 7: Favorite color(s)  This painting is in my house and I LOVE the colors in it!!                                                                               
Day 8: Something Funny!  Can you guess where this sticker came from?                                                                                            
Day 9: Inspiring Person.  I admire the veterans who have given their lives for our awesome counrty to be free!
Day 10: Nature.  This rose just bloomed in my backyard.  So beautiful!                                                                                                               
Day 11: Something Old.  This is a picture of one of my parents photo albums.  I have been working on transferring all of their old pictures into new albums so the pics won't fade anymore.  
Day 12: Hands.  This is my had wrapped around my sons.  He's got pretty big hands for a 2 year old so I wouldn't be surprised if  he is tall when he is older!
Day 12: Written words.  This is THE Word.  The one, true, completely amazing and fantastically inspiring  word of God.  We are so blessed to have God's word available to us at all times!

What are YOU thankful for this week????

Monday, November 7, 2011

30 day photo challenge: Gratitude

In honor of the month of November I have decided to participate in the 30 day photo challenge for Gratitude.  Each day you have to post a picture of what you are grateful for in regards to the list.  Of course I am starting a little late for this month so I am going to post the first 6 days right now.  So I don't inundate your inbox/blog box with posts I will just post my pictures from the previous week every Monday at one time!  I love taking pictures so I think this will be fun!

Day 1: Favorite Food: Peanut Butter and Chocolate!!

Day 2: Smile!  Can't help but smile when seeing my sweet kids happy faces!

Day 3: Happiness.  I am so happy to be able to be a stay at home mom with my sweeties!

Day 4: Leaves.  These are the trees out our backyard.  They are just starting to turn colors and I can't wait to see them bright and beautiful.

 Day 5: Morning Sky.  Well I am never up in time to see the morning sky. Too busy getting kids ready for school and preparing for our day.  So I'm gonna skip this one.

 Day 6: Books.  In our house books are a big deal.  This bookshelf is all of the kids books and they love being read to every day.  I hope they will grow up to be great readers and enjoy reading as much as I do!

That was fun!! I'll be back next Monday with another week worth of pictures!  

Nail Polish shelf and Bathroom Cubby

So I went to Goodwill, the local thrift store, to find some thing I could use as a Nail Polish Shelf.  I found this old souvenir spoon display and figured it would do the trick.

 So I spray painted it an antique white color.

 And I think it turned out really nice.  Super easy to do and it's fun that is personalized to my style.

Voila! :)

While I was there I also saw this cute white cubby cabinet for the bathroom.  The white was dinged up and old but I knew it would work great in our guest bathroom.  (sorry I don't have any pics of it before I painted it).  I spray painted it with a burgundy red paint.  And then I took some sand paper to the edges to give it a more shabby chic look.  I love it!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday- November

I am sooo thankful it is November because that means the Christmas season is just around the corner!  Thanksgiving is going to be fun this year though because I am going to be hosting my family for the very first time!  I am going to be testing my cooking skills with all of the traditional fixins and I can't wait!  I've already bought my pumpkin to make homemade pumpkin pie!  Growing up I never had a lot of interest in the domestic side of life but just recently I've started to really see the value in it.  I guess having a family of my own has shown me that those things are ways to show your family that you love them.

I have always enjoyed the holidays because I love family and traditions. I love the music, that people are more focused on how they can give to others, it's just a fun time!

Happy November friends!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holiday Fun

For Halloween we went to a couple pumpkin patches, a Halloween party, a Trunk or Treat, and trick or treating around the neighborhood.  It was a lot of fun this year but I am thankful that we can now move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here are a couple pictures of my kiddos:

Hope you all had a fun holiday!!