Friday, December 23, 2011

December: 23rd Day of Giving

Today was really fun!  We went down to the Fire Station and took them some cookies in tins and wished them a Merry Christmas.  They were super nice and let the kids take turns sitting in the fire truck. We got some cute pictures and the firefighters seemed genuinely grateful for the goodies.

Afterwards we still had two small bags of cookies so I just prayed that God would lead us to who needed to be blessed with them today.  The first bag we gave away at the Lakeshore Learning store.  We gave it to the lady checking us out and she was so happy it was super sweet.  After that we were driving home and I saw an older lady with three young children waiting at the bus stop.  We pulled over and my daughter ran up to them and gave them the cookies and wished them a Merry Christmas.  You should have seen the lady's face.  She was in shock and so grateful.  I couldn't believe how big her smile was, you could tell it meant a lot to her.  What a blessing!  My daughter came back and said to me, "Mom, that felt really good."  Ahh, she is getting it!  Giving makes you feel good inside!

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