Monday, December 5, 2011

December: 5th Day of Giving

Today was our day to visit a Convalescent Home to spread love to some "white and grey haired people" as my daughter likes to say.  We took some homemade and store bought cookies and spread some Christmas cheer.  We called ahead of time and the director said we could come in around 3:00.  About 15 of the residents were positioned in a circle in the room near a large beautiful Christmas tree.  The kids were really shy at first but you should have seen the people there light up when they came around.  They were all very kind and loving to our kids and just kept saying how adorable they were.  I asked one of the ladies if they had visitors come do this very often and she said that people come once in a while but not often enough.  When we were going to leave my daughter went around and gave every single person in the room a huge hug and a Merry Christmas.  All of them told her that they wanted her to come back again and visit.  One lady even asked me if she could keep her.  It was so wonderful and I felt overcome with emotion, to see my sweet daughter loving on others and giving them the gift of her kindness.  We will definitely be going back again soon!

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