Thursday, December 15, 2011

December: 14th and 15th Days of Giving

Because this week has been pretty chaotic with cooking, cleaning, packing, wrapping, giving, and playing I somehow missed a day.  But we did something extra nice for our neighbor Barbara to make up for it.  About a month ago Barbara lost her parrot, Pepe, when it flew out the door when the gardeners were there.  She has been and still is devastated at the loss of this bird that she loved so much.  So when we were at Target the other day and my daughter saw a small pillow pet that was a parrot, she immediately wanted to get it for Barbara.  Today we took the gift to Barbara and she was so overwhelmed by the gift that she cried! It was so sweet.  She really is the sweetest lady and I'm thankful my kids had this opportunity to bless her. 

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