Thursday, December 8, 2011

December: 8th Day of Giving!

Today we picked a charity that we feel passion about and made an online donation.  Some of you may know and some of you may not know, but our daughter is adopted and we are in the process of adopting our son.  Adoption is a huge passion for my husband and I and we would have adopted whether or not we could have biological children.  For me it started when I visited an orphanage in the Ukraine while on a mission trip about 10 years ago.  Just seeing those sweet faces and giving them love was enough to change my heart forever.

So today we sent a donation to a great organization called "Portion for Orphans."  Their goal is to raise awareness about orphans all over the world and improve the quality of care given to orphans.  This is the website if  you are interested in learning more: http://www.portionfororphans.

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  1. Oh I love this song by SCC. I so want to help all of them! My husband and I are still praying for God's guidance in this area.


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