Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stay at Home Mom Teacher

I have been MIA from this blog because I got a full time job as a 5th grade teacher in August. After 6 years of being a stay at home mom, it has been a HUGE adjustment to go back to teaching.  The actual classroom teaching was pretty easy to transition into but the grading, field trips, extracurricular activities, science experiments, class projects, spirit weeks, enrichment activities, and did I mention the grading have been a huge life adjustment.  My house is a mess, I miss my kids every minute of every day, I haven't worked out in 11 weeks, and have eaten more times that I dare to admit.  However, God is still good.  He is still strong.  And he is working through my weakness to some amazing things with my students.

Today I had 14 parent teacher conferences, and although I am always nervous beforehand, I am always blessed at the kindness and encouragement of the parents.  It is exciting to hear how my teaching is making a difference.  Sometimes in the day to day, it is hard to see how God is working through you.  It is so encouraging when you can step back and look at the bigger picture, look past the dirty laundry, look past the piles of paperwork, the stress, the early mornings...and you see the changed hearts.  The students who have a teacher who they trust and know loves them and wants them to succeed.

When I was offered this position, I wasn't ready.  I wanted another year or two home with my babies.  It was such a hard decision.  I love teaching SO much, but I love my family more.  But yet, God opened up this door and kept showing me that this was the path he wanted me on.  Also, I really felt like there was a student or students in this particular class that needed me to be their teacher this year.  That God specifically had me in mind to be there for someone.  I forgot about that until today.  Today, God showed me who that child is and why I am there. This year. Not next year. God's plans are always bigger than our plans and His ways are never our ways.  Isn't that the truth?