Sunday, December 4, 2011

December: 4th Day of Giving

Today for our day of giving we helped out a neighbor.  Her husband is in the military and is on assignment across the country and will hopefully be back before Christmas.  She is home alone with her two kiddos and trying to maintain the Christmas traditions for them.  A couple days ago we saw her struggling to hang some Christmas lights and immediately told her that we (as in my husband) would do it for her.  So my awesome hubs got up there today and hung her lights for her.  It's always great to see your spouse getting into the spirit of giving as a good example to our kiddos.

The kids got together and also delivered a few Christmas goodies (muffins, candy, and a homemade ornament) to a couple other neighbors.  They had fun and got to be a blessing to others!


  1. More great ideas, Jamie! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. ahh! that is so sweet! i want to do more of this for this christmas. starting with making cookies for the neighbors!



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