Thursday, December 1, 2011

December: 1st Day of Giving

Happy December!!!  It is my favorite month of the year and I am so excited to start our month of giving to teach our kids that Christmas isn't just about what you get but what you can give as well!!!

Did I mention that my neighbor Jen and her kiddos are going to be doing the 25 days of giving with us this year!  It will be so fun to do it with her.  She is so creative and has had some great ideas for things to do!

Today is day 1 and today we are giving a gift to our mailman, well actually mail-lady.  Yesterday the kids and I made chocolate krinkle cookies, we wrapped them in tissue paper and put them in a Christmas tin.  This morning we put it in the mailbox with a card thanking her for all she does.  We hope it blessed her day!

My daughter and I are also going to be praying every day for each person we decide to bless that day.  I want to impart in her the importance and value of prayer, that we can pray for everyone, not just the people we know.  She is so excited!  So am I! Can't wait for tomorrow :)


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