Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December: 13th Day of Giving

Today we did a few different things.  First this morning when we went to get gas in the car a man was walking around asking if people liked Christian music.  I told him I did and he offered me a CD he created with music that he wrote and sang.  He asked for any donation I could spare to help him as he is trying to provide for his family.  I don't carry cash but I found as much spare change as I could in my car and purse and gave him all of it.  Surprisingly he seemed grateful.  I prayed for him as we left.

Also today is my daughter's last day of school so we picked out a special gift for her to give her to thank her for all her loving work she has done this past semester.  Haylie has been so blessed to have such a sweet teacher!

Lastly, Jen (my neighbor) and I took our MOPS table leader out for lunch today to tell her (show her) how much we appreciate everything she has done for our table this semester.  She really goes above and beyond to make each meeting special and show how much she cares.  It was fun to do something nice for her as well.

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  1. I loved having lunch with you girls! Thank you for taking me :) Hope to do it again soon! Merry Christmas!!!


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