Monday, November 14, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 2!

Day 7: Favorite color(s)  This painting is in my house and I LOVE the colors in it!!                                                                               
Day 8: Something Funny!  Can you guess where this sticker came from?                                                                                            
Day 9: Inspiring Person.  I admire the veterans who have given their lives for our awesome counrty to be free!
Day 10: Nature.  This rose just bloomed in my backyard.  So beautiful!                                                                                                               
Day 11: Something Old.  This is a picture of one of my parents photo albums.  I have been working on transferring all of their old pictures into new albums so the pics won't fade anymore.  
Day 12: Hands.  This is my had wrapped around my sons.  He's got pretty big hands for a 2 year old so I wouldn't be surprised if  he is tall when he is older!
Day 12: Written words.  This is THE Word.  The one, true, completely amazing and fantastically inspiring  word of God.  We are so blessed to have God's word available to us at all times!

What are YOU thankful for this week????

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  1. Lovely pictures and blessings, Jamie. You can view my list of blessings on my blog:

    Many blessings!


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