Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday~ Laundry day

Today I was trying to think of something I am initially not thankful for and spin it around in my mind to find a way to be thankful for it.  Generally laundry day is not my favorite day.  Lots of bending, sorting, loading, unloading, folding, and putting away it all is not something I enjoy.  It's typically a stay home all day type of day because it takes a whole day for me to get 5 loads done. 

BUT God says that we are to be thankful in ALL circumstances so I'm assuming He means laundry day as well.  So I have been thinking about it.  What are some things I can be thankful for about laundry day. This is what I came up with:

1. More time at home means more time for the kids to have free play.  I am blessed that (so far) my two kiddos love to spend time together.  They copy each other, chase after each other, and love on each other.  It is pretty adorable to watch I must say.  A day at home is a great day to them.

2. Let's face it, laundry day can be a workout! Lots of standing on your feet and bending over!  More exercise is always a good thing! (this picture is not me but maybe I would look like that if I did laundry seven days a week... ) :)

3. Warm, clean smelling clothes!  I love the way clothes feel when they come out of the dryer.  There is about 10 seconds before they cool down and they are so soft and cozy.  It's a short lived pleasure but it's still nice.

4. The last thing I love, and I mean absolutely LOVE about laundry day is...that I have 6 days to enjoy before I get to, ahem..enjoy it all over again :)

 Be Blessed,


  1. Great way to look at laundry! :) I always say laundry makes me thankful we have clothes to wear.

  2. Cute approach to laundry. :) We can be thankful that we have clothes to wear and machines to do most of the work. Many blessings, Jamie!

  3. I love laundry day because I GET to stay home. ;) Plus it's orderly, always the same and always makes me feel like I have accomplished a lot.

    But I know how it is to dislike a household task. My hard-to-be-happy-about tasks are mopping and ironing.

    Great idea to focus on the positives of things we find difficult!

  4. When I was a little girl, my mom did her washing with a ringer machine that had rollers on top to get the water out . One time my SIS got her ARM stuck in the rollers. Not good. Then we took the clothes outside to hang them on the clothes line with wooden clothes

    pins. Took all day! And the clothes were stiff and all of them had to be ironed. I love the modern appliances!


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