Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun Friday Project: Re-do of Boys Bedroom

Once we found out that our foster son's case was definitely going to be moving to adoption we decided to update his room to make it more personal.  We have two extra rooms, one was bright bubble gum pink and the other a minty green.  Our daughter Hailey decided that she was sick of pink and wanted the minty green room (which coincidentally and thankfully matched her bed's comforter perfectly).  But that left Bryson, our son, in a bright pink room.  Definitely not appropriate for a boy that LOVES sports and all things boyish.

I scoured the web for boys sports room ideas and found some things I loved and some things that I did not.  First off was the paint!  I would have loved to do a chair rail but it wasn't in the budget so we improvised.  We did navy blue on the bottom, a stripe of red around the middle and a sandy tan on the top half.  It felt so good to get rid of that pink color!!

Next up, I went to Home Goods and got some decorations.  I found a weathered mail slot.  I decided to turn it upside down so I could use it to display bobble heads and baseballs.  Eventually I will add hooks so he can hang baseball hats on it.  I also found a picture board which I placed pics from his first baseball game.  I found a cute navy blue Games box for all of his toys there too.

At Target on the clearance rack I found a great sports themed rug for $17!  It looks so cute and really defines the play area of the room.  We found a Full size bed on Craigslist (my parents got a comfy mattress topper for it since they'll be visiting most often).  I found the bedding at Target, the whole set with sheets, comforter, pillowcases, and bed skirt was only $20!!  I got a couple decorative pillow case covers and throw pillows at Home Goods to complete the bed.

At Home Goods I found this awesome star for the wall in a deep hunter green.  It was perfect in that it pulled out the small green detail in the pillows.  It really completes the All-Star sports theme.

Lastly, I went to Michaels and got some wooden letters that spell Bryson's name.  At home I painted the letters the same color as the Navy blue we painted the bottom of the room. (Hailey helped!) I place them around the star above the bed.  The final product of the room turned out so great!  This room screams "Bryson!"  He loves it!  He deserves it!  Every kid deserves to have a room that is special, just for them. 

What do you think? 


  1. You posted some great pictures! It truly is a little boys room and will be great for Bryson for a long time. Thanks for thinking of us when you bought the full size bed so we can sleep over without making you and Andy sleep on the couch. :) Love you guys and you did an AWESOME job on the room. Love, love, love it!


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