Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Master Plan

In my life the verse that has come up the most often is Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future."  It has come up so often that I have to believe that it's a message God really wants me to hear.

In light of what is going on with our fost-adoption process, I have been mulling over what God's plans are for my life.  He has a Master Plan for each person.  Plans are important, without them nothing would get done and life would be very messy.  When I was a teacher I did lesson plans.  I knew what I was going to teach and every step of what we would get through.  Sometimes things didn't got the way I hoped and there were disruptions to the plan but eventually I would get through with the lessons and the plans would be completed. 

I think God has a Master Plan for our lives.  He says in the verse above that he has plans for us.  He declares it!  His plans are for good and not for harm, to give us hope and a great future.  Sometimes I think the sin in our world and our lives can disrupt the plans that He has.  It can cause bumps and tumbles and delays.  But in the end, his plans are always accomplished if we seek Him, love Him, and walk in the paths that He puts before us. 

As long as I hold tight in my heart the fact that His plans are GOOD, then I can fight through the obstacles life throws at me, to see the light of the reward that will greet me in the end. 

We have decided to go ahead and continue to foster the 16 month old I wrote about yesterday until the next court hearing in June.  We have to trust that God brought him into our life for a reason and his Master Plans are good for him and for us. 


  1. I agree totally with everything you said! The only thing that I would add is that God's plans are not just good, but THE BEST PLAN! I admit that it's so hard to believe that when His plan doesn't seem to make sense or go the way we'd plan it out.

    P.S. And I'm glad to hear that you're continuing to foster him!

  2. One of my favorite verses! God has a master plan for each person, just as you said. Sometimes it would be much easier to see that plan, but He reveals it to us in His timing. My prayers are with you as you continue to foster this little one.

  3. Amen! Just keep holding tightly to Him. Blessings!

  4. Jamie, I admire you and Andy for continuing to foster this little boy. That takes a lot of courage and sacrificial love. I will be praying for a miracle.

  5. Amen! Your acts of unselfish love exemplify His Gifts, and I have no doubt will stay with this child no matte what the outcome.

    Have a Blessed Weekend!


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