Friday, March 11, 2011

Just Talkin'

A couple mornings ago I went in to check on my daughter to see if she was awake.  As I got closer I could hear her talking.  When I opened the door I heard her say "Amen."  I went in and sat on her bed and asked her if she was praying to God.  She said, "Mom, him and I were just talkin'."  The way she said that stuck with me the rest of the day.  I think sometimes prayer can feel like such a formal thing.  You know, bow the head and close the eyes and deeply focus on what you want to say.  But sometimes prayer should be "just talkin."  Just sharing what is on our minds, sharing our thoughts, desires and dreams.  Just building a deeper friendship and/or relationship with Jesus. 

I am so glad my daughter knows she can talk to Jesus like that.  When's the last time you and Jesus spent some time "just talkin?"

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  1. How wonderful that your daughter feels that level of personal relationship with God that they can "just talk". :-)

    Thank you for the smile today!

    Have a Blessed Weekend!


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