Friday, February 17, 2012

Bargain Furniture Makeovers

So as you know I have recently gotten into upcycling old furniture pieces to make them more modern and fun!  Last weekend while my husband was painting the tallest wall in our house a beautiful blue I was doing some painting of my own.  Over the past few weeks I found a child size rocking chair and a "phone table" from the sixties at Goodwill and a garage sale.  I also found an awesome end table on the side of the road.  I sanded them and painted them and they are like new!  It is so fun to transform something unwanted and distressed into something beautiful! :)

Rocking Chair (before):
 Rocking Chair (after):
 Phone Table (before):
 Phone Table (after):
End table (before):  This is the only pic I took. It had green legs and a wood top.
End table (after):  
I absolutely am loving these little projects!  If you have an old piece of furniture, don't give up on it!! Give it a new coat of paint and you might just find it will become your favorite piece!! :)

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  1. Beautifuly makeover.i love the last table, white and blue is amazing.Bedroom Furniture Online


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