Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun Friday: Remake of Bedside Tables

So last weekend one of the families down the street put two bedside tables on the curb with a FREE sign in front of them.  They looked awful and were filthy but I had hopes that I could make them into something cute.  I really liked the shape of them, the top has curved edges and the feet are like little claws.  So we headed over to Home Depot and got some sanding rings for the sander and some spray paint.  I chose a medium grey color because lately I have really loved everything grey.  Don't know why but anyways... Here we go.

 My husband helped me sand down the tables so the paint would stick.
 Each bedside table took up one can of spray paint.

 I let them sit in the garage for a day to try to get rid of the spray paint smell.  I can't stand it. 
 Here they are in our bedroom. They actually pulled out the light blue color in our bedspread which I hadn't anticipated. 
 I forgot to mention that I also painted the handle white too.  It brings out the white in my dresser.
 TA-DAA :) 
See how easy that was??  What do you think?


  1. Great job! These look awesome and are a great addition to our bedroom. Thanks for thinking outside the box and seeing the diamond in the ruff.

  2. Very cute! I want to do a DIY project now. ;)

  3. Nice! Now I want some. :-) Really I want to see what books are under there...someone is a reader like me!

  4. Do you know what color the spray paint you used? They look great!


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