Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Home For The Holidays

Tonight on CBS at 8:00pm is a show called "A Home for the Holidays."  This show is about foster adoption and shows some true, inspiring stories as well some musical acts.  I look forward to this show every year.  As most of you know, we adopted our daughter a few years ago through the foster system.  We had an amazing experience and God really blessed us.  Our daughter was drug exposed and neglected but God still had a plan for her life.  We got her when she was 6 months old and have been in love with her ever since.  I know many people who say that they have considered adoption but then always shy away for one reason or another.  Fear is the main reason I've found.  Of course there is fear involved in taking the chance to love and lose a child but is it any different when you give birth to a baby?  You still have the fear of losing them as well, just to different circumstances.  But every child is God's and lives in God's perfect will.  I encourage every one to consider adopting!  These children need us and we need them.  Many blessing to everyone this holiday season as you spend time with your loved ones.  But take a second to think of a child who is living in your area and is waiting for a mom or dad.  Pray for them. 

James 1:27 says that looking after orphans is what our Father in heaven considers pure and faultless. 

Dear Jesus, there are so many children in this world that are waiting for a mom and dad, for a forever family.  Please stir the hearts of your followers to provide homes for these amazing kids.  Please be with the children and provide them with all of their needs this Christmas.  Lord, thank you for adopting me into your kingdom. Show me how to use my heart for adoption for Your glory!  In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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  1. Wow! I have been convicted by every blog I have read this morning. You are so right - we have been adopted into God's family. We need to share that love with others - whether through adoption or just reaching out to those in need.
    Thanks for this reminder. Merry Christmas! I'm so thankful God has brought you into my life!


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