Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lukewarm or On Fire?

My friend Julie Mitchell recommended this podcast to me by Francis Chan called "Lukewarm and loving it."  It is beyond challenging. Especially for someone like myself who has been a Christian for 28 years, since I was 5 years old.  Keeping that fire for God burning is something that has to be constantly worked on.  If you think about it, a real fire does not stay strong unless you add wood to it and stoke it with a stick and maybe add some lighter fluid or blow on it.  So how does that relate to my own walk with God?  Well, the wood could be the Word of God, the stick could be the Holy Spirit's prodding, and the lighter fluid could be acts of godly service to others as well as blowing could just be covering it in prayer.  It's not easy to stay on FIRE with God, it takes effort and care and lots of encouragement.  I found myself questioning myself as I listened to this podcast.... am I on Fire, really?  And what does that mean for me? 

Francis Chan asked the audience to pray to God and ask Him these three questions...
1. Reveal areas in which I am lukewarm.
2. Give me strength in my areas of weakness.
3. Am I willing to do whatever it takes get myself on fire for him?

I spent some time in prayer tonight, asking God these things.  In my heart of hearts, all I want is to please my heavenly Father, to honor him with my life.  I want to spend my eternity with Him. 

It's not easy admitting you are lukewarm, but admitting it and being ready to change is a start that could be the beginning of many incredible things that God has been waiting to do in your life. 

Below is the podcast, and I encourage you to watch it and pray about what it means to you. 


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